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Digital Product Designer [EN] [NL]

Job description

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We Are Builders is a startup studio. Together with our Founders Network we turn internally validated concepts into independent SaaS and Marketplace ventures in no more than 18 months. Our studio brings together concept, co-founders, capital and infrastructure. One of the most important parts of our infrastructure is our core team of experts which consist of two development teams plus supporting roles such as design, UX and finance.

Core team

To further strengthen our core team we’re looking for a product designer who will set the design language and overall products look & feel. As an important member of the core- team you’ll work on all of our portfolio companies and be part of the larger We Are Builders team. Our team takes pride in working together, sharing knowledge and help each other with challenges. We believe our products should be as simple as possible to use.

Product Designer

As a Product Designer, you will work closely with Founders to extract their needs and inspirations and turn them into a designed experience that is aligned with their vision. You will set the visual identity of the venture and setup design systems and design the actual software-product for each of them.

We as a studio have an agile mindset and work in sprints, this means that all design and development work will be delivered iteratively so we can learn and make the best decisions. This reflects in designing and building rapid prototypes that can be tested together with the team and the users of a product. Everyone gets the opportunity to give feedback and we determine a strategy on how we roll out the new features to all of our users.

We are looking for someone who feels at home in the changing software world, someone who wants to help improve the products with us, someone who is responsible for the quality and knows how to guarantee this. You are the person who loves to experiment, follows the trends but designs a timeless great product. Curious to see what we like in product design? Check out our likes on Dribble or visit our portfolio companies Influentials and IPS.

A varied and independent position with plenty of room for personal interpretation in an innovative, professional and growing organization.

  • Salary appropriate to your knowledge and experience 
  • Personal development and compensation plan
  • Flexible working hours, the team works from 6h-9h to 15h-19h ish
  • Annual contract with prospect of a permanent contract at the studio or portfolio companies
  • Travel compensation/allowance and 25 holiday days
  • Certification, training and reimbursement of study costs
  • Great office space, next to Rotterdam Central Station
  • The best Friday drinks and quarterly fun company trips


  • You are able to translate the company vision of a founder into a unique design.
  • Bring or design a workflow that will set the future for product development within the studio, and allows you to work on multiple products at once.
  • Be able to design a visual identity of a company, this means selecting the right typography, colors designing a logo, etc.
  • Be comfortable in designing a web or native mobile product.
  • Good communication skills in English and some Dutch would be really nice
  • Believes in user-friendly software and always tries to pursue this in any way
  • Knows that the roadmap is not carved in stone and can accept the fact that a topic on the roadmap can change its priority
  • You don’t keep things bottled up and prefer to talk about things that bother you


  • Quality-oriented: You can set priorities and set them again without losing sight of the goal
  • Teamwork: Empathic ability to successfully work together towards a common goal
  • Drive: You’re not afraid to take initiative and are driven to implement your own initiative
  • Responsible: You show commitment to your responsibilities
  • Result-oriented: Able to realize actions through cooperation and takes responsibility for the end result

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