Technical co-founder living-as-a-service software platform [EN] [NL]

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Technical co-founder living-as-a-service software platform [EN] [NL]

Job description

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We are looking for a seasoned CTO (and lead developer) for a new venture called Obeyo! Obeyo helps real estate developers and property managers to provide Living-as-a-Service to residents using a software platform and a mobile app.

As the lead developer, you'll continue development of the V1 of the software. Then, you'll start hiring and managing a tech team and managing the roadmap. This is a great opportunity to become founder of your own SaaS startup, with the support of the We Are Builders team of experienced company builders and developers.

We Are Builders is a startup studio. We work with committed entrepreneurs to transform unique ideas and tech startups into strong and independent growing companies. We're a compact, multidisciplinary team of A-players each with over 10 years of experience in entrepreneurship, software development, UX/UI design, copy writing, growth marketing and more.

About Obeyo

The problem we found is that it was hardly possible to provide smart and affordable hotel-like services in urban apartments. Over the last few months we worked with our partner, developing the initial idea into a value proposition based on facts. After a prototyping phase we built the first version of the software, which is in use at a launching customer in Amsterdam. The platform connects service partners, property managers and smart devices. Through an app residents can order services like Laundry and Housekeeping, and control smart features in their apartments (for example, lights). They can also chat with a concierge through the app and find information about hotspots in their surroundings.

Currently, we're testing the V1 version of SaaS software and mobile app with a pilot customer with lots of daily active users.


Our first version consists of a React.JS powered backend, an API built with Symfony 4.0 and native mobile apps for Android and iOS. The solution touches process automation, planning, IoT, home automation and mobile.

Your responsibility as a co-founder

It is up to you to take our blueprint and build, measure, learn and pivot your way to a profitable company.  

Your responsibilities include:

  • Design and build the technical blueprint of the startup
  • Building the (cloud) infrastructure
  • Developing the product
  • Managing every technical detail
  • Build and hire a tech team
  • Scaling the operation
  • And many more

You'll be accompanied by a business co-founder to take on this great opportunity. And don't forget, our team helps you through the first rough months.

Job benefits

The opportunity to be an entrepreneur. Launch a company under controlled circumstances and with a safety net.

  • Equity in the company.
  • A good salary. What you’ll learn is priceless.
  • A bunch of fresh, entrepreneurial, ambitious colleagues from the Builders team, a.k.a. your safety net.
  • A MacBook Pro, with maxed out options.
  • A great office space for you and your team next to Rotterdam Central Station (Groothandelsgebouw).
  • We Are Builders stickers for you and your friends.
  • A great network of A-players.
  • Fresh fruits during the day.
  • The best Friday drinks in the Groothandelsgebouw.

In addition, We Are Builders has several top notch developers and of course other CTO's from the founders network to share information, tips and tricks with.


If the above didn't scare you off, here's what we look for in applications:

  • A passion for entrepreneurship. You know it if you have it.
  • You're an authentic problem-solver, a pro-active strategic thinker and pragmatist: you’re able to formulate a strategy, translate it into actions and then execute or delegate.
  • Full-stack development experience (i.e. Front-end and Back-end).
  • Experience with online SaaS and/or mobile projects in PHP, Javascript, and SQL. Having worked with Symfony and React is a big plus.
  • Experience in developing, testing, shipping and maintaining SaaS products under pressure.
  • You’re front-runner in experimenting with new technologies and you contribute to open source projects.
  • Unbounded energy.
  • Experience with managing a team.
  • You have a European passport or a valid long-term visa for The Netherlands.

That’s a lot, we know, we’re not super strict on the list but it helps a bunch if you can cross off some of the bullets.